Year 2002

No. Customer Delivery scope Date of realization Photo
1 GALATEK Bratislava - SK powder coating booth for the company KUPEC Piešťany 1/02  
2 Opravy a kovovýroba Záchlumí a.s. paint spraying booth with grid floor 1/02  
3 Rolltechnik spol. s r.o. Třebařov preheating oven 1/02  
4 ELITEX a.s. Nepomuk extension of the drier, atypic front section for the exhaust wall 1/02  
5 NORDSON (UK) Ltd. Stockport 1 pcs Fan Stand 4500, 2 pcs Module M2 4500 1/02  
6 ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Mladá Boleslav line for external preservation for the plant Kvasiny 1/02  
7 BOBEK-OBCHOD Ledeč n.S. exhaust wall with the front section 1/02  
8 GRATA s.r.o. Žďár n. Sáz. adjustment of the front section of exhaust walls 1/02  
9 Lakovna s.r.o. Praha (provoz Brandýs nad Labem) complete workplace for surface pretreatment and powder coating 2/02  
10 ELITEX a.s. Nepomuk powder coating booth with application device NORDSON 3/02  
11 Energetické strojírny a.s. Brno paint spraying booth brick designed, with complete air handling system and filter with activated carbon 3/02  
12 GFS GmbH Pößneck - SRN electric drier 3/02  
13 NORDSON (UK) Ltd. Stockport Module NCB 3000FB + Booth frame with stainless steel floor 3/02  
14 NORDSON (UK) Ltd. Stockport Module M4 3000, FAN STAND 3000 + Booth base section 3/02  
15 Rendl Lighting Praha (provoz Zruč nad Sázavou) powder coating line including surface pretreatment 3/02  
16 Suchánek Marek Dolní Benešov table-type powder coating booth with application device JEVAN 3/02  
17 SUPERSTAV s.r.o. Dobříš water system with waste water tratment plant 3/02  
18 SLF s.r.o. Liberec exhaust wall with the fron section 4/02  
19 Hájek-Sivera Svitávka electrical curing oven 4/02  
20 JK Spektrum Nymburk powder coating booth with application device NORDSON 4/02  
21 V.I.REAL Příbor spraying booth with exhaust air handling system 4/02  
22 STS Šumperk a.s. paint spraying booth with complete supply and exhaust air handling system with heat exchanger (recuperator) and filter with activated carbon 4/02  
23 HÜBNER Mengen - SRN table-type powder coating booth galvanized 4/02  
24 WALTHER Wuppertal - SRN electrical curing oven 4/02  
25 NORDSON (UK) Ltd. Stockport Module NCB 6000, Stainless steel booth with grid floor 4/02  
26 Access Air Derbyshire - UK Afterfilter 4/02  
27 s.r.o. Čelákovice atypical exhaust wall with exhaust duct 4/02  
28 MODISO v.o.s. Šternberk exhaust wall 5/02  
29 HÜBNER Mengen - SRN table-type powder coating booth galvanized 5/02  
30 EST+a.s. Ledeč nad Sázavou table-type paint spraying booth - 2 pcs 5/02  
31 IFE CR a.s. Brno waste water treatment plant 5/02  
32 GALATEK Bratislava - SK exhaust wall with the front section for the company VST Myjava 5/02  
33 WAREX s.r.o. Supíkovice filter system of the booth 5/02  
34 PERITO s.r.o. Znojmo exhaust wall 5/02  
35 EMOTECH Enschede - NL passage gas-heated oven with passage cooling section 5/02  
36 GALATEK Bratislava - SK drying oven of paint applications with electric heateing and analyser 5/02  
37 Kovo Vesuv v.o.s. Bohumín workplace for powder coating 5/02  
38 RAVAK a.s. Příbram readjustment of the drying oven for the laminated components 6/02  
39 ČKD Vagónka a.s.
spray booth and preparatory booth for surface treatment of train sets incl. building adjustment 6/02
40 IFE CR a.s. Brno waste water trestment plant 6/02  
41 AIRTECH GROUP s.r.o. Plzeň exhaust wall with the front section 7/02  
42 EMOTECH Enschede - NL curing oven gas-heated 7/02  
43 INDUPOL Slovakia Horné Srnie - SK exhaust wall with the filter with activated carbon 7/02  
44 FORT FRAMES Ústí nad Orlicí powder coating booth 7/02  
45 EMOTECH Enschede - NL powder coating booth 8/02  
46 SIOPS Vilémov workplace for powder coating 8/02  
47 AC LAK s.r.o. Liberec line for surface preparation and powder coating 8/02
48 ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Mladá Boleslav extension of the transport system of the line of outside conservation in the factory Kvasiny 8/02  
49 ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Mladá Boleslav paint shop of spare parts 8/02
50 Krautzberger Eltville - SRN curing oven with electric heating 8/02  
51 KAROSA a.s. Vysoké Mýto exhaust boxes of adhesives and heated tables for floor covering 8/02  
52 M-TEC GmbH Neuenburg spraying booth with grated floor, with handling platform and complete air handling systems for factory Warrington England 9/02  
53 ATMOS Bělá pod Bezdězem filter module for the powder coating booth 9/02  
54 ALSTOM POWER s.r.o. Brno surface treatment plant composed of spraying booth with grated floor and transport system including building works 9/02
55 INDUPOL Slovakia s.r.o. Horné Srnie - SK exhaust wall 9/02  
56 EMOTECH Enschede - NL curing oven with drier gasheated 10/02  
57 RAVAK a.s. Příbram preheating oven with electrical heating 10/02  
58 HEATCRAFT PRAGUE Praha repair of the powder coating line after flood 10/02  
59 LIS PLAST Břeclav závod Žďár nad Sázavou exhaust wall and ceiling panel with lighting 10/02  
60 STV GROUP Nové Město p.S. exhaust wall with front part and with exhaust piping 10/02  
61 GALATEK Bratislava - SK drier gasheated for ŽOS Trnava 11/02
62 EMOTECH Enschede - NL curing oven gasheated 11/02  
63 AUTOPAL Nový Jičín line of surface pretreatment and powder coating 11/02
64 JANKA Radotín repair of the surface treatment workplace after flood 11/02  
65 TEPOSTOP Přelouč workplace for powder coating 11/02  
66 GALATEK Bratislava - SK spraying booth with grated floor for Želos Trnava 12/02  
67 EMOTECH Enschede - NL table-type powder coating booth 12/02  
68 EMOTECH Enschede - NL 2 pcs of powder coating booth 12/02  
69 EKOLAKY ARCHLEBOV 2 pcs of application PRSTEN + fluid powder container 50 l 12/02  
70 COMWA Přeštice curing oven gasheated 12/02  
71 EMOTECH Enschede - NL passage curing oven gasheated 12/02  
72 SEC Nitra - SK powder coating line including degreasing 12/02  
73 FEHRER Bohemia Liberec table-type spraying box including exhaust air handling piping 12/02  
74 SURFIN Bielsko-Biala - PL atypical exhaust wall with front section 12/02  
75 ALTA a.s. Brno surface treatment workplace for IŽMAŠ-AVTO Russia 12/02  
76 ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Mladá Boleslav drying oven for plant Česana 12/02  
77 INTEX v.d. Ledeč nad Sáz. surface treatment plant 12/02  
78 DURA Plettenberg závod Blatná double-chamber drier gasheated + cooling workplace 12/02  

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