Year 2006

No. Customer Delivery scope Date of
1 ŽOS TRNAVA a.s. I.phase - operation for surface treatment of wagons with a spray booth with a lenght of 30 m with platform for operators and dryer with analyser 1/06
2 PONAST s.r.o. Valašské Meziříčí exhaust wall with the front section 2/06  
3 AXSON CENTRAL EUROPE Zlaté Moravce 4 pcs of heating ovens with ventilation piping 2/06  
4 KOVOSTAL s.r.o. Uherské Hradiště exhaust wall with the front section and exhaust duct 2/06  
5 MODISO v.o.s. Šternberk exhaust wall 2/06  
6 STS Šumperk a.s. exhaust wall with exhaust duct 2/06  
7 TVD-Technická výroba a.s. Slavičín powder coating line with passage-through spraxing machine, dryer, booth for automatic and manual powder application, with passage-through cure ovens and overhead conveyor 3/06
8 GALATEK a.s.
Ledeč nad Sázavou
powder coating workplace consisting of closed booth with floor exhaustion, chamber-type cure oven and cross-type overhead conveyor
9 FERRIT s.r.o. Staré Město u Frýdku Místku workplace for degreasing and paint application with paint dryer and overhead conveyor 3/06
10 MODISO v.o.s. Šternberk exhaust wall 4/06  
11 SINOP CB České Budějovice workplace for degreasing, powder application and powder curing, with manual overhead conveyor 4/06
12 LECOM Ledeč a.s. Ledeč nad Sázavou bath dryer with steam heating 5/06  
13 STEEL MONT a.s.
Holíč, Slovensko
spray booth of the brick design with the complete air handling system including container with active charcoal for capture of volatile organic compounds 5/06
14 Čermák a synové Uhřínov box for manual powder coating 6/06  
15 VELOS v.d. Nový Hrádek exchange of complete overhead conveyor in the powder coating line 6/06  
16 LECOM Ledeč a.s. Ledeč nad Sázavou components for bath dryer 6/06  
17 ŽOS TRNAVA a.s. II. phase - operation for surface treatment of wagons with a spray booth with a lengh of 22,2 m with platform for operators and paint dryer with analyser 6/06
18 ACARE, s.r.o. Brno exhaust wall 7/06  
19 MSV Liberec s.r.o. Liberec passivation device 7/06  
20 LECOM Ledeč a.s. Ledeč nad Sázavou 3 pieces bath dryer 7/06  
21 NEON-LAK s.r.o. Mladá Boleslav painting line for plastic parts with a painting booth with water-wash separation with automatic paint spraying technology, with volatilization area, paint dryer and two-track overhead conveyor 8/06
22 METALLFORM s.r.o. Beluša manual workplace for powder coating and degreasing 8/06  
23 Cadence Innovation k.s.Liberec exchange of air supply unit 8/06  
24 SOR Libchavy spol.s r.o. Libchavy workplace for paint spraying of buses skeletons, including two painting and two completing booths with complete air handling system with common equipment for capture and disposal of gas emissions 8/06
25 ZVS-ENCO a.s. Dubnica nad Váhom manual workplace for powder coating and degreasing 9/06
26 KOVOCENTRUM Jiskra s.r.o. Janov nad Nisou gas-heated curing oven 9/06  
27 POKROK v.d. Dubnica n.V. paint sprayig box with filtration unit with activated charcoal 9/06  
28 ALTA a.s. Brno workplace for paint application for the aircraft plant in Irkutsk, Russia    
29 Sumitomo Corporation Europe Praha 2 dryer of exchangers for the plant Sanyo in Hungary 10/06  
30 KOVO VESUV v.o.s. Bohumín workplace for degreasing including dryer 10/06  
31 ELMET, spol.s r.o. Přelouč powder coating device SURE COAT 10/06  
32 TEDOM s.r.o. divize BUS Třebíč workplace for leakage test of coaches 11/06  
33 THORMASMALT, spol.s r.o. Filakovo paint dryer with analyser 11/06  
34 TANAX, a.s. Bánovce nad Bebravou degreasing booth with partly open-type ceiling 11/06  
35 ELITEX Nepomuk a.s. Nepomuk manual workplace for powder coating and degreasing 12/06  

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