Year 2007

No. Customer Scope of delivery Date of realization Photo
1 J. Cankař ATMOS
Bělá p. B.
powder coating line consisting of passage-through degreasing machine, drying and curing oven with raised supporting structure and four movable powder coating booths manually operated, with overhead conveyor with continuous movement 1/07
2 POKROK v.d. Žilina paint spraying box 1/07  
3 IMOS-ASEK Hamuliakovo electrostatic powder coating device 1/07  
České Budějovice
hot-air chamber drying oven after degreasing 1/07
manual workplace for degreasing and paint spraying with overhead conveyor 1/07  
Považská Bystrica
paint spraying box with modificated front section for the supply of the treated parts by means of crane 1/07  
7 ATTACK Vrútky paint spraying box with modificated front section 2/07  
Ústí nad Orlicí
paint spraying box with filter box with activated charcoal with complete air handling system for ČMKS-Lokomotivy Česká Třebová 2/07  
9 Pavelek Jan Opava paint spraying box and volatilization zone with complete air handling system 2/07  
Enschede, Holandsko
2 pcs cure oven 2/07  
11 SCHÄFER-SUDEX s.r.o. Ledeč n. Sáz. dryer for beer kegs made of stainless steel with roller conveyor system 3/07  
12 ROTAS STROJÍRNY s.r.o. Rotava paint spraying workplace designed for big-sized parts consisting of degreasing and spraying booth including paint kitchen, with complete air handling system 3/07
13 VÝTAHY OSTRAVA spol. s r.o. Ostrava-Přívoz manual workplace for surface pretreatment, paint spraying and powder coating with common cross-type overhead conveyor 3/07
14 MDEXX Magnetronic Devices s.r.o. Trutnov cure oven with electric heating 3/07  
15 ŽOS TRNAVA a.s.
III. phase - plant for surface treatment of wagons consisting of preparatory booth, two spraying booths and two drying ovens of paints and of the finishing booth with a lenght of á 28 m, including equipment for disposal of volatile organic compounds 3/07
16 LECOM Ledeč a.s.
Ledeč nad Sázavou
paint spraying workplace with exhaust wall and complete air handling system 4/07  
17 Sumitomo Corporation Europe Praha 2 dryer designed for drying of exchangers for the company DAIKIN in Plzeň 4/07  
18 DOOS s.r.o.
Náměšť na Hané
exhaust wall with exhaust piping 4/07  
19 VÝTAHY s.r.o.
Velké Meziříčí
degreasing equipment consisting of degreasing booth with accessories and conveyor system 4/07  
20 O.K.KONSTRUKCE, s.r.o. Kutná Hora grate-type spray booth with block air handling unit and filter box with activated charcoal 5/07  
Enschede, Holandsko
cure oven with gas heating 5/07  
22 LIFTMONT CZ s.r.o.
exhaust wall for paint spraying 5/07  
23 Sumitomo Corporation Europe Praha 2 dryer designed for drying of exchangers for the company DAIKIN in Plzeň 5/07  
Enschede, Holandsko
cure oven with gas heating 5/07  
25 LUCCO s.r.o.
Velké Albrechtice
assembly and putting into operation of the powder coating line 6/07  
26 Bourbon FABI SK s.r.o. Nové Sady table-type paint spraying booth with exhaust piping 7/07  
27 HP LAK s.r.o.
Ostrava - Kunčičky
degreasing box with water system 8/07  
28 COMWA s.r.o.
cure oven with gas heating 8/07  
29 CZ LOKO, a.s.
Česká Třebová
degreasing booth with a lenght of 28 m for surface pretreatment of rail vehicles with platforms for operators, including water system and passivation equipment 8/07  
30 AGROSTAV a.s.
Česká Třebová
equipment for repumping of waste water for CZ LOKO a.s. Česká Třebová 8/07  
31 TKZ Polná, s.r.o. Polná electrostatic powder coating device 9/07  
32 NTS-PROMETAL, s.r.o. Slavičín powder coating line incl. surface pretreatment, with Power and Free conveyor system, completed with spray box with water filtration 10/07
33 VOP-026 s.p.
combined spraying and drying booth divided with door into two separately-working areas with a length of 10 and 15 m with complete air handling system and emission filter 10/07
34 MOLD-TECH STANDEX BOHEMIA s.r.o. Liberec spraying box with filter with activated charcoal 10/07  
Enschede Holandsko
chamber oven gasheated with a double-wing door designed for installation of manual overhead conveyor 10/07  
36 ČESKO-SLEZSKÁ VÝROBNÍ a.s. Zlaté Hory opened spraying box with a width of 10 m with front exhaustion, with block-type air handling unit, rotary heat-exchanger and air-supply filtration unit 10/07  
37 ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION s.r.o. Plzeň surface finish operation of tramways, locomotives, set of underground railways and undercarriages consisting of blasting booth, booth of grinding and cementing, spray booth with consequential dryer, combined spraying and drying booth with consequential booth of glueing and degreasing booth with sealing test, including complete air handling system, with equipment for disposal of gaseous emissions with zeolit rotor and and thermal incineration plant, all installed on the steel platform 11/07
Enschede, Holandsko
passage-through dryer after degreasing and reversible cure oven with sliding electrical gate and with modification for gripping of overhead conveyor 11/07  
39 VLK Brozany s.r.o.
plant Chvalín
powder coating workplace consisting of cross-overhead conveyor with two transfer carriages, closed degreasing booth with dryer and with two closed powder coating booths and cure ovens 11/07
40 MSV Liberec s.r.o. cure oven gasheated with direct heating including extension of transport system 12/07  
41 MODISO v.o.s.
exhaust wall with a width 2780 mm for paint spraying 12/07  
42 BV PLAST s.r.o.
Klášterec nad Ohří
exhaust wall with a width 2240 mm for paint spraying 12/07  
43 VLK Brozany s.r.o.
plant Libochovice
powder coating workplace consisting of overhead transport system with a turntable, closed powder coating booth and chamber cure oven 12/07  

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