Year 2008

No. Customer Delivery scope Date of realization Photo
1 TESLA Karlín a.s. Prague atypical powder coating booth 1/08  
2 EMOTECH BV Enschede passage-through chamber oven with sliding electrical gate on both sides and with modification of the ceiling for five slots of the overhead transport system 1/08  
3 KM BETA Kyjov 2 pcs of the passage-through dryer with a lenght of the working space 20 m, designed for drying of the sprayed surface of the roof cover, with modification for passage of parts on the belt conveyer, with exhaust fume cupboard with a fan and piping for forced outlet of hot air, placed on the raised steel structure 1/08  
4 VEKRA spol. s.r.o. Lázně Toušeň plant Stará Paka continuous line of paint spraying for wooden windows consisting of two separately standing spray boxes for double-sided coating, on which is connected votalization space and dryer. Transfer of the parts is provided with the overhead chain conveyer of the type Power and Free 3/08
5 ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION s.r.o. Plzeň workplace for surface treatment of components and parts of tramways, underground railways and locomotives consisting of spray booth, chamber dryer and overhead conveyor with a space for hanging of the parts. Floor of the whole workplace is made up the steel structure (+0,550 m) 3/08  
6 MDEXX Magnetronic Devices s.r.o. Trutnov 2 pcs cure oven incl. gas analyzer of dangerous concentration and 4 pcs of charging trolleys 3/08  
7 ŽOS Trnava a.s. automatic spray machine with a belt conveyer for cleaning of rings of buffer springs 4/08
8 PETER-GFK spol. s.r.o. Kocbeře spray box with a filter unit provided with activated carbon 4/08  
9 TOS Varnsdorf a.s. Varnsdorf workplace for paint spraying consisted of workplace for cementing,combined booth and workplace of free spraying, which is divided into two working spaces with open ceiling and front wall. The delivery includes container with activated carbon for capture of organic volatiles and complete air handling system 4/08
10 DAIICHI JITSUGYO Co. Ltd. Prague 5 2 pcs atypical double-box for paint repairs with common exhaust fan and filter box with activated carbon for company DAIKIN Plzeň 4/08  
11 MODISO v.o.s. Štemberk exhaust wall with working width of 2780 mm for paint spraying 5/08  
12 ELSTER s.r.o. Stará Turá passage-through cure oven with a heating aggregate installed under the oven, with air curtains with fans at entry and outlet and atypical powder coating booth 5/08  
13 TVD-Technícká výroba a.s. Slavičín manual powder coating workplace consisting of through powder coating booth with application device, cure oven gasheated and cross transport system 5/08  
14 BOSCH DISEL s.r.o. Jihlava spray box with exhaust piping and spray gun 7/08  
15 ENGEL strojírenská s.r.o. Kaplice workplace for paint spraying with degreasing booth, water system, dryer, combined spraying and drying booth and manual transport system 7/08
16 Bombardier Transportation Czech Republic a.s. Česká Lípa reconstruction of existing spray booth and dryer and delivery of the new combined spray booth with complete air handling piping and dryer 8/08  
17 SOLAR TECHNIK s.r.o. Fryšták powder coating workplace with clocked degreasing machine, water system, dryer, module powder coating booth, cure oven and cross transport system 8/08
18 PROMA REHA, s.r.o. Česká Skalice powder coating line with through booth for double-sided coating, cure oven and transport system 9/08
19 Slovácké strojírny s.r.o. Uherský Brod cure oven with direct gas heating and ventilation piping 9/08  
20 STROJON s.r.o. Lázně Bohdaneč completion of existing powder coating workplace with a new powder coating booth, dryer, incl. extension of the cross transport system 10/08  
21 ŽOS Trnava a.s. paint shop of railway vehicles for the plant GOŠA in Serbia consisting of the blasting equipment, spray booth with complete air handling system, dryer and manual overhead conveyor 10/08  
22 HVH KOMAXIT s.r.o. Hranice-Drahotuše through powder coating booth incl.accessories 10/08  
23 GEA LVZ a.s. Liberec cure oven gasheated with direct heating, 2 pcs filter module for powder coating booth and moving of the existing powder coating workplace 10/08  
24 IVECO Czech Republic a.s. Vysoké Mýto complete delivery of the paint shop of the buses, documentation for building realisation, hall building, delivery of technology and trial operation 10/08
25 LECOM a.s. Ledeč nad Sázavou manual powder coating workplace with cross transport system for the company IMPULS Severodoneck, Ukraine 11/08  
26 KUKAL&UHLÍŘ-strojírna s.r.o. Kraslice exhaust wall with exhaust air handling piping 12/08  
27 AŽD Praha s.r.o. výr. plant Olomouc manual transport system incl. modification of the spray booth 12/08  
28 IVECO Czech Republic a.s. Vysoké Mýto delivery and installation of 2 pcs new platforms 12/08  

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