Year 2011

Zákazník Rozsah dodávky Datum
1 SOR Libchavy  s.r.o. degreasing booth, spraying booth for surface treatment of the buses 1/11
2 SE-MI Technology Slezská Ostrava worplace for spraying with complet airhandling unit 1/11  
3 ABB s.r.o. Praha  automatical line for spraying furniture parts for IKEA (Swedwood Sweden) 3/11  
4 OZT Toužim a.s. degreasing line 3/11  
5 ZDT s.r.o.     Nové Veselí degreasing booth and spraying booth for surface treatment of agricultureal equipment 3/11  
6 Chropyňská strojírna a.s. line for coating the cars of new range "New small family" in Volkswagen SK 4/11  
7 TVD Slavičín a.s. manual workplace for powder coating incl. transport system 5/11  
8 LETOV s.r.o. Praha rebuilding of existing dryer 5/11  
9 FAIVELEY Transport LEKOV Blovice workplace for degreasing 6/11  
10 NTS-PROMETAL Slavičín transport system 6/11  
11 Značky PRAHA Statenice exhaust wall with front part and airhandling unit 7/11  
12 AKZO NOBEL COATING, Opava manual powder coating booth 7/11  
13 ALTA a.s. Brno OAO Saturn Rybinsk combinated spraying and drying booth with air handling unit 7/11  
14 ARMATURKA Krnov combinated sprayin and drying booth with air handling unit 8/11  
15 ŽOS Trnava a.s. passage-through dryer for tempering of wheelset 8/11  
16 SixPointTwo Humpolec powder coating line with Power&Free conveyor 8/11  
17 Reis robotics Chomutov degreasing booth with dryer and rebuilding of existing spraying booth 8/11  
18 CZ LOKO Česká Třebová passage-through spraying machine for cleaning of the locomotives parts 8/11  
19 Šmeral Brno air handlig unit for workplace for free spraying 9/11  
20 Systém tech Brno exhaust wall with front part 10/11  
21 Doosan Bobcat Dobříš degreasing booth with high pressure cleaning device 10/11  
22 Sumitomo Corporation Europe  Praha 2 dryer of air conditioning haet exchanger incl. gas analyser and conveyor 10/11  
23 SPARKS A Riga Lotyšsko exhaust wall with front part 11/11
24 Chropyňská strojírna a.s. Chropyně platforms for workplace Rohbau - Nacharbeit incl. air handling unit in  VW Slovakia 11/11  
25 CZ LOKO a.s. Česká Třebová manual workplace for blowing, cleaning and coating of the parts 11/11  
26 ALTA a.s. Brno OAO Saturn Rybinsk combinated spraying and drying booth with accessories 12/11  
27 ALTA a.s. Brno Irkustský letecký závod, Irkutsk painting line  with spraying booth with water filtration 12/11  
28 LBTEC Indufinish Emmen, NL curing oven, dryer and cooling tunnel 12/11  
29 Kovofiniš  KF    Ledeč nad Sázavou 3 pcs of air handling units 12/11  
30 WAY Industries a.s. Krupina sprying booth with air handling unit 12/11  

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