Year 2013

Zákazník Rozsah dodávky Datum
1 DURA AUTOMOTIVE CZ, k.s. Blatná Two-chamber oven for curing of aluminium profiles with blowing system of work pieces and with a conveyor                          1/13
2 KADATEC s.r.o. Divišov Workplace for coating with liquid paints with painting booth, complete air-handling unit and dryer device 1/13  
3 EMOTECH b.v. Enschede curing electric oven without switchboard and wiring 2/13  
4 Slovácké strojírmy a.s. Uherský Brod Cabin for application of powder coating with floor suction and open ceiling 2/13  

Slovácké strojírmy a.s. Uherský Brod závod MEP Zábřeh

Completion of an existing workplace for surface treatment by new degreasing booth, booth for application of powder plastics on large workpieces, curing oven and conveyor 4/13  
6 JUDr. Pavel Blažek prodejna RENESANCE Praha 10

Completion of a workplace for surface treatment by an overhead conveyor for the company KV2 Milevsko 

7 VARROC AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS s.r.o. Šenov u Nového Jičína Workplace for UV pre-treatment of glass - 1 pc UV box with a UV lamp, including the duct 4/13  
8 AŽD Praha s.r.o. výrobní závod Olomouc

Manual workplace for application of coating materials with a brush with a block-type air handling system unit, preparation plant of coating materials and equipment for the trapping of gaseous emissions

9 COMFORT sdružení a.s. Plzeň - Skvrňany Exhaust wall for liquid painting 5/13  
10 PARS nova a.s. Šumperk Connection of spray boxes to the existing equipment for disposal of VOC emission, addition of containers with charcoal 6/13  
11 ZVS ENCO a.s. Dubnica nad Váhom

Extension of the workplace for application of powder plastic coating materials with a booth for application of powder plastic coating materials with operators handling in the working area of the booth

12 JINOVA s.r.o. Jilemnice Addition of dampers and trapping of VOC to the existing workplace for application of coating materials 7/13
13 RONAL CR s.r.o. Pardubice - Staré Čivice

repair of existing cabins WURSTER

14 WATAX spol s.r.o. Kyjov Stainless spray machine with direct heating of degreasing bath 8/13  
15 ABB s.r.o. Praha 4 Cabin with a suction side panel for the company IACG Prestice 8/13  
16 MEDIA CZ spol s.r.o. Liberec Workplace liquid paints including ventilation and lifting for the company MLS Holice 8/13  
17 DEL a.s. Žďár nad Sázavou Line for varnishing of pipes with UV varnish with a steam cleaning machine, booth for the spraying of strips, text signing equipment, booth for application of UV varnishes, booth for UV curing , incl. complete air handling system technology for Arcelor Mittal Ostrava 8/13
18 METALLFORM s.r.o. Beluša

Workplace for application of coating materials on fireplace inserts with a degreasing booth, drying oven after water application, spray booth, equipment for trapping of gaseous emissions, drying oven of coating materials and transport system 

19 Kovofiniš s.r.o. Ledeč nad Sázavou 2 air-handling unit to spraying booth for outdoor and indoor  9/13  
20 Promens a.s. Zlín-Příluky

Workplace for application of coating materials with 3 spray booths with a side exhaust equipped with a filter with active charcoal with complete air handling system

21 MSA a.s. Dolní Benešov Manual work areas for application liquin paints including surface pretreatment with degreasing booth and shot equipment, spraying booth with complete air-handling, equipment for capture of gasseous emission, dryers and overhead and floor conveyor system 12/13
22 XERIA spol. s r.o. Otrokovice-Kvítkovice Workplace for application of powder plastics with 2 manual plastics booths and application, curing oven and overhead conveyor 12/13
23 Bammer trade a.s. Plzeň Varnishing and preparatory booths for repairs of trams, trolleybuses and buses for Škoda Transportation a.s. Plzeň 12/13  
24 PERSA a.s. Praha Workplace for application liquid paints with spraying booth, with activated carbon filter  and complete air-handling, dryer and overhead conveyor 12/13  
25 DEL a.s. Žďár nad Sázavou Equipment for the washing of internal parts of dampers for KYB Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. Pardubice 12/13  
26 MEDIA SK s.r.o. Bratislava

Booth for the varnish management

27 Valeo výměníky tepla k.s. Žebrák

Drying oven with a conveyor for removal of the stuck oil

28 Valeo výměníky tepla k.s. Žebrák Movement of the surface finishing line and delivery of the platform for the new placement of the technology 12/13  

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