Year 2015

Zákazník Rozsah dodávky Datum
1 ACL Coating s.r.o. Liberec

Upgrade of plastic powder coating line conveyor system

2 Bombardier Transportation Czech republic a.s., Česká Lípa Replacement of spray booth recuperator unit, addition of filtration units for recuperator protection 1/15  
3 Sumitomo Corporation Europe Limited Praha Pallets for loading of exchangers to oil dryer for DAIKIN Industries Czech republic s.r.o. Plzeň 2/15  
4 VOP CZ, s.p. Šenov u Nového Jičín

Disassembly and re-installation of painting line including full replacement of electric installations, lamps, gas heating exchangers, air and water distribution system, delivery of grinding and cementing booths


AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s., Odolena Voda

Spray booth division by partition sliding gate, modification of air handling units with regard to new operating modes of the booth and air handling piping, control system and electric installations 2/15  
6 Vzduchotechnik s.r.o., Chrastava Degreasing booth with water management, electric curing oven, equipment for application of plastic power 3/15  
7 Doosan Bobcat Engineering s.r.o. Dobříš Cabin for washing of construction machinery with spray frame travel portal, water jet, high pressure washing of chassis and high pressure washing equipment, relocation of existing degreasing booth and delivery of new water management system  3/15  
8 Volkswagen Slovakia a.s., Bratislava Fire extinguishing system for the spray booths delivered 4/15  

Valeo Compressor Europe, s.r.o. Humpolec

Teflon surface curing oven with indirect gas heating of circulation air including control panel

10 Valeo výměníky tepla k.s., Žebrák Oven for maturing of parts after PU, with Allan Bradley control system 6/15  
11 Borcad CZ s.r.o. Fryčovice Plastic powder coating line with pass-through degreasing machine and water management, water dryer, 2 powder coating booths, curing oven and single-track conveyor system  6/15  
12 Milacron Czech Republic spol. s r.o. Polička Facility for surface pre-treatment and application of liquid coating materials, consisting of blasting booth, degreasing booth with high pressure spray system and water management, spray booth with gaseous emissions capture, painting material preparation booth, manual conveyor system in degreasing and spray booth and track cars 6/15  
13 Plzeňská teplárenská, a.s. Plzeň Replacement of steam exchanges for hot-water exchangers in MOVO Plzeň paint shop 6/15  
14 Lakovna Hajdík s.r.o., Jablůnka Coating line with automatic application of liquid coating materials consisting of CO2 pre-treatment booth, ionizing booth, coating material application booth with water separation, vaporization booth, dryer, cooling booth, P&F floor conveyor, paint management booth, clean booth, robots for pre-treatment and application of coating materials, NH and CO2 application technology  7/15  
15 NISSIN Czech Republic s.r.o., Praha Automatic tractor painting line for KUBOTA FARM MACHINERY France with pass-through spraying machine, blower booth, dryer, masking booth, spray booths, vaporization booth, drying after paint application, cooling tunnel, P&F conveyor system and thermal incinerator  7/15  
16 KOITO CZECH s.r.o. Žatec Replacement of conveyor system chain and delivery of 2 jigs for surface treatment line 9/15  
17 KOITO CZECH s.r.o. Žatec

Delivery of 3 IR lamps for surface treatment line

18 VATAX spol. s r.o. Kyjov Plastic powder coating booth with cyclone separator 9/15  
19 ELSTER s.r.o. Stará Turá Two work stations for plastic powder application on gas meter cabinets with NORDSON plastic powder coating booths, curing ovens, cooling tunnels and KEWESTA conveyor system 9/15  
20 Strojírny Prostějov a.s., Prostějov Degreasing facility with high pressure washing equipment and water management, supply air handling unit 9/15  
21 ABB S.p.A Discrete Automation&Motion, Sesto San Giovanni Extension of robotic painting booth for IVECO Czech republic, a.s., Vysoké Mýto 9/15  
22 ESB Rozvaděče,a.s. Brno Plastic powder application line with takt time degreasing machine including water management, dryer, masking booth, two automatic and manual plastic powder coating booths, curing oven, cooling tunnel, inspection station and Power&Free conveyor system 9/15  
23 SPS servis a programování strojů, s.r.o. Bakov nad Jizerou Modification of reheating booth and manual waxing booth for Škoda Auto a.s., Kvasiny 9/15  
24 Valeo Compressor Europe, s.r.o. Humpolec Two Teflon surface curing ovens with indirect gas heating of circulation air including control panel 9/15  
25 IVECO Czech republic, a.s., Vysoké Mýto Modification of existing paint shop air handling system and addition of a new air handling unit 10/15  
26 Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o., Brandýs nad Labem Line for application of liquid painting material on plastic parts, consisting of ionizing booth, robotic spray booth with wet separation, vaporization booth, dryer, cooling tunnel, painting material preparation booth and floor conveyor system 10/15  
27 PETER GFK s.r.o., Trhový Štěpánov Laminating booth for the facility in Nesperská Lhota 10/15  
28 Aquacomp Hard s.r.o., Ledeč nad Sázavou

Spray booth and dryer booth with full scope air handling system, with cooling and humidification and fire protection system for Progress Arsenjev Russia

29 Bombardier Transportation Czech republic a.s. Replacement of recuperator units of spray booths SK1 and SK2, addition of filtration units for recuperator protection 11/15  
30 EMOTECH b.v., Enschede, Holandsko Electric curing oven 12/15  
31 DURA Automotive CZ, k.s., Blatná

Curing oven for maturing of aluminium parts with indirect gas heating of circulation air, including control system

32 AZOS CZ, s.r.o.Nymburk

Plastisol coating line including grinding booth with air handling unit, plastisol application booth, curing oven and automatic conveyor system

33 SPS servis a programování strojů, s.r.o. Bakov nad Jizerou

part preparation booth with air handling unit for colour roof line of ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Mladá Boleslav


MEDIA CZ s.r.o., Liberec

booth for robotic application of adhesives, dryer, overhead conveyor system for Grupo Antolin Turnov 12/15  

ABB s.r.o. Bratislava

cooling tunnel with air handling unit for cooling of aluminium castings, including electric installations, control system and visualization 12/15  
36 TVD-Technická výroba, a.s., Slavičín curing oven extension 12/15  
37 MESSER TECHNOGAS s.r.o., Praha 4

facility for cleaning of painted parts using CO2 technology and flash burn, modification conveyor, air handling system of the booth including compressor cooling for Letoplast Letovice

38 MESSER TECHNOGAS s.r.o., Praha 4

manipulator for cleaning of painted parts using CO2 technology for HOEKO-AUTOMOTIVE s.r.o. Jiřice

39 Horácké kovodružstvo v.d., Třebíč post-degreasing dryer with gas heater 12/15  
40 Magna Exteriors s.r.o., Liberec

extension of BC dryer including addition of conveyor system and control system


INTEX, v.d. Ledeč nad Sázavou

spray booth with air handling unit, modification of vaporization booth air handling system 12/15  

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