Year 2016

Zákazník Rozsah dodávky Datum
1 VOP CZ, s.p. Šenov u Nového Jičín

workplace for applying liquid paints containing a preparatory and spraying booth fully fitted with HVAC and a handy storage of paints 

2 FAIVELEY TRANSPORT LEKOV a.s. Blovice degreasing cabin with high pressure spray equipment 1/16  
3 Volkswagen Poznaň Sp.z o.o. závod Wrzesnia Polsko two complete paint shops for partial coating comprising two paint booths with complete HVAC, drying houses, paint preparatory and eight open sites for preparing vehicles for painting - to check the quality of varnish and paint repairs 1/16  
4 ZAKO TURĆÍN, spol. s r.o. Zlín

curing oven with electric heating and manual overhead conveyor incl.  3 hanging rods 


ACL Coating s.r.o., Liberec

delivery of SIMCO ionization device  

6 SPPP Slovakia s.r.o., Bánovce nad Bebravou

line for applying liquid paints with automatic ionization pre-treatment, manual degreasing, spray booths with water separation and robots, volatilization spaces and dryer, floor conveyor system, chromatic economy and a device for the retention and disposal of gaseous emissions 

7 Richmont - CZ a.s., Týn nad Vltavou

workplace of surface finishes with paced degreasing machine with water management, post-degreasing dryer, spray booth for manual application of coatings, volatilization booth, dryer and P&F conveying system 

8 MEDIA CZ s.r.o., Liberec robotic booth for applying adhesives, dryer, suspended transport system for the company Grupo Antolin Turnov  3/16  
9 Valeo Compressor Europe, s.r.o. Humpolec 1 Teflon coating dryer unit with indirect circulating air gas heating, including control system  4/16  
10 TVD Technická výroba, a.s. Slavičín workplace for manual application of PP and PP cabin incl. application technology, curing oven and transport system  4/16  
11 TVD Technická výroba, a.s. Slavičín curing oven with gas heating  4/16  
12 Milacron Czech republic s.r.o. Polička liquid paints dryer with gas heating  4/6  
13 COMWA spol. s r.o. Roupov line for powder coating of plastics with  transit degreasing machine and water management, water dryer, booths for application of PP with an entry for operator and without operator entry into the workspace, including application technology and with manual overhead conveyor system with automatic feed and parts balancing from and into the spray machine  5/16  
14 Kovofiniš s.r.o., Ledeč nad Sázavou supply of thermally insulated panels   6/16  
15 EMOTECH b.v. Enschede hardening electric furnace  6/16  
16 DENIOS s.r.o., Strakonice workplace for applying liquid paints with grid-type spray booth with application technology, complete HVAC, gas emission tray and preparatory paint shop and a line for powder plastics coating with transit spraying machine, dryer, booth for powder plastics application technology, curing oven, cooling tunnel and P&F transport system   6/16  
17 DURA Automotive CZ, k.s., Blatná basket degreasing line for aluminium parts for AUDI and BMW incl. drying, conveyor and exhaust system  6/16  
18 ABB s.r.o. Praha cabin for two robots to spray adhesives for the company Yanfeng Zatec  7/16  
19 Škoda Transportation a.s., Plzeň completion of a spray frame  in a water booth  8/16  
20 AZOS CZ, s.r.o., Nymburk curing oven 8/16  
21 Jan Pavelek Opava spray booth with HVAC unit  8/16  
22 VOP CZ, s.p., Šenov u Nového Jičína adaptation and completing a paint shop of large parts - a new dryer, adding a transport system, modification of a cooling tunnel  8/16  
23 IVECO Czech Republic a.s., Vysoké Mýto paint shop of small plastic parts with a grinding workplace, spray booth, dryer and conveyor system, including the provision of the necessary building adaptations  9/16  
24 AIRTECH GROUP s.r.o., Plzeň spray booth with exhaust wall for Borgers CZ s.r.o. Rokycany 9/16  
25 Fremach Morava, s.r.o. Kroměříž technology for pretreatment of plastic parts before painting through cleaning with CO2 and ionization  9/16  
26 LAKOVNA HAJDÍK s.r.o., Jablůnka completion of technology for UV paints into an existing line  10/16  
27 KV2 Audio International s.r.o., Milevsko workplace for applying liquid paints with a spray booth with side suction and capture of gaseous emissions and a transport system  10/16  
28 AkzoNobel Coatings CZ, a.s., Opava cabin for manual powder coaters  10/16  
29 DJK Europe GmbH, Eschborn, DE Two UV paint lines for surface finish of parabolic luminaries for the end customer Avtosvet Dimitrovgrad, Russia, containing a washing line, a line for metallization surface plating, lacquer coating and subsequent curing with UV lamps, and equipment to capture gaseous emissions (RTO)  11/16  
30 Aquacomp Hard s.r.o., Ledeč nad Sázavou line for applying liquid paints with two spray booths with wet separation, including HVAC units with  Humidification, two dryers with infrared emitters and a Power & Free transport system  11/16  
31 ABB s.r.o. Praha spray booth skeleton for robotic application of adhesives for the company Yanfeng Zatec    11/16  
32 Chart Ferox, a.s. Děčín extension of the existing paint shop including construction and completion of needed HVAC equipment   12/16  
33 DURA Automotive CZ, k.s. Blatna

2 furnace units for aluminium parts aging with two separate compartments with own control and a hearing superstructure


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