Year 2021

No. Customer Delivery process Date of realization Photo
1 Media CZ s.r.o. Suction wall for glue 02/2021  
2 ZKW Slovakia s.r.o. BMC line 03/2021  
3 HELLA Slovakia front-lighting, s.r.o. ANTIFOG line 03/2021  
4 Škoda Vagonka a.s. Surface treatment workplace 04/2021
5 Škoda Vagonka a.s. Modernization of the paint shop 05/2021  
6 HTP s.r.o. Lifting device für transportsystem 06/2021  
7 ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION a.s. Spray frame and blower frame for water tests 06/2021  
8 BEKO TECHNOLOGIES s.r.o. Emission Control Equipment - Activated Carbon Absorbers 06/2021  
9 ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION a.s. Blasting box 08/2021  
10 JAP FUTURE s.r.o. Powderbooth type PB 09/2021
11 EXCALIBUR ARMY spol. s r.o. Additions and modifications on the line 11/2021  
12 RYKO a.s. Wheelset surface treatment line 11/2021

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