Painting line for the HAAS + SOHN Rukov, s.r.o., Jiřetín

Another important order on which our company is currently working is the painting line for the application of liquid coating materials for HAAS+SOHN Rukov s.r.o., which manufactures and sales fireplace stoves and their accessories.

Painting box for the Public Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague

In spring 2016, our firm won the tender for the supplier of in-built painting box for the Public Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague. The scope of this delivery was a spray booth with an air handling unit and coating material box. The work was ensured completely on a turnkey basis, i.e. including the necessary construction works which were carried out by ATEKO Hradec Králové.

Line for automatic painting of small parts for PRESSOL Tschechien s.r.o., Tachov

At the end of the last year, we got an order from PRESSOL, an important manufacturer of lubrication equipment. The subject matter of the contract was a line for automatic painting of small parts, which consists of a spray booth with an automatic manipulator, volatilization space, drying oven, cooling tunnel, air handling unit and area for installation of the application equipment. The basis of the application technology is the rotational atomiser “ECOBELL” completed with necessary pumps and the control system.

Thank you for your visit of the 59th International Engineering Fair in Brno

Dear customers and business partners!

Thank you for your visit of the 59th International Engineering Fair in Brno on 9. - 13. 10. 2017.

We believe that we came up to your expectations and we are looking forward to our further cooperation!

Spray booth for Volkswagen Bratislava

This year, one of the most important deliveries is the surface finishing plant at VW Bratislava, which is designed for manual application of liquid coating materials. The overall concept of the plant and its layout fully respect qualitative and quantitative requirements of the client.

Invitation to 59th International Engineering Fair Brno

We cordially invite you to visit the 59th International Engineering Fair

Coating facility for Prommaškomplet, KAZACHSTÁN

GALATEK has been awarded another important contract with Prommaškomplet Kazachstán through cooperation with ALTA a.s.

Robotic coating line for COLORprofi, spol. s r.o., Boskovice

GALATEK a.s. executed a contract for turn-key delivery of a robotic coating line with COLORprofi, Boskovice in summer 2016. It is another substantial delivery in the field of an automatic coating system in terms of the scope as well as the high technological standard of the line.


In spring 2016 our magazine brought information on a new order for the delivery of a coating line covering the entire coating process and featuring the Power&Free conveyor for variable technology arrangement, methods of pre-treatment and number of applications and layers.

Automatic coating line for Pressol Tschechien s.r.o.

We are honoured that German Pressol Tschechien s.r.o. selected our company as the contractor for the delivery of their new automatic coating line for the new production facility in Tachov from a large number of international competitors. The line will be used for automatic coating of parts with consequential drying. The delivery includes a paint kitchen and a conveyor system.

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