Painting line for the HAAS + SOHN Rukov, s.r.o., Jiřetín

22.11.2017 08:05

 Painting line for the HAAS + SOHN Rukov, s.r.o., Jiřetín

Another important order on which our company is currently working is the painting line for the application of liquid coating materials for HAAS+SOHN Rukov s.r.o., which manufactures and sales fireplace stoves and their accessories.

The painting line consists of a spray booth (with a dry filtration of exhausted air and the air handling unit installed outdoors), the volatilization space and a drying oven with a possibility of drying or burning of coating materials at temperatures up to 200°C, a cooling tunnel, and a conveying system. The Power&Free type conveyor enables the control of technological times in individual working spaces.
The possibilities and benefits of this conveyor are used in this line with the work cycle of 100 seconds for the minimization of loss times during the transfer of individual parts between work positions, especially in the spray booth.  The conveying system upstream of the painting line is adapted to provide sufficient space for suspension and removal of the parts. A part of the painting line consists of the coating material preparation area; the painting operators can use manual application equipment (in two positions in the spray booth) with a complete paint system for two-component coating materials.

The latest and most effective equipment – a zeolite rotor and regenerative thermal incinerator have been designed to catch and eliminate organic substances from the coating materials. This painting line offers high production capacity to the owner while keeping the installation dimensions at a minimum.

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