A new trend in the disposal of VOC emissions

04.01.2021 00:00

Galatek is a company whose activities have a significant impact on the environment, and we are very responsible in this area. We work with manymanufacturers and suppliers of equipment for the capture and disposal of VOC emissions. We design the "tailor-made" equipment for paint shops, so that its acquisition and operation are as efficient as possible, while meeting all the requirements of Czech and EU legislation. Depending on the needs of individual business cases, we use both traditional VOC capture technologies and increasingly apply the best available techniques and technologies in the field of painting. This includes not only the use of the best available technical equipment for capturing and disposal of VOC emissions, such as zeolite rotary concentrators with different types of afterburner units, but also informing and educating potential customers about new possibilities in painting technologies, the use of more effective paints with higher dry matter content, low content or almost zero content of organic solvents, reactive paints, or painting processes with lower energy intensity and the like.


                                                                            Fig. 1 Yatagan unit in GALATEK a.s.

At present, Galatek in cooperation with Eco-Jet s.r.o. is preparing to launch "new product" in the disposal of gaseous emissions. These are devices with the so-called cold plasma, which often already work successfully in other parts of Europe In the Czech Republic, however, operators have not yet "tasted" these technologies.

In our case, it is the device of the manufacturer Yatagan from Russia, which has been producing these devices for 15 years and has these units installed on many technologies, where VOC emissions occur or leakage or unpleasant annoying odours, etc. These units are commonly installed in the food industry (dairies, meat processing plants, fat processing), in wastewater treatment plants, printing industry; important references for us are from the production of paints, oil industry and refineries, paint shops, automotive industry, etc. Their major customers are Gazprom, RosAtom, Ford, RosNeft, Skolkovo, Tikkurila, Kazan Helicopters, Kamaz, and others.

 Yatagan units operate on the principle of decomposition of molecules of undesirable organic substances present in purified air in the field of plasma discharges, to produce final combustion products such as CO2, water and N2.


Fig. 2 Air cleaning scheme                                                                                        Fig. 3 Plasma discharges

Yatagan units process air with a temperature of approx. 0-60 ° C, with a solid pollutant content of up to approx. 1 mg/m3, without corrosive or radioactive components, contaminated with organic vapours up to concentrations of several g/m3. The capacity of the units is built for volumes from 750 to 60,000 m3 / hour of vented air.

The devices are built as modular; if necessary, the individual devices contain modules that adjust the cleaned air to the required properties before the cleaning process – e.g. filtration modules with different types of filter cloths, electrostatic filter, water filter, cooling/heating module, etc. Due to the fact that ozone is formed during the cleaning process, all devices also contain modules for air purification – removal of ozone from the blown air.

In terms of operation and maintenance, these are simple and user-friendly devices. There is no need for preheating or delay during shutdown; it is a "start-stop" system. It starts when the air handling system starts and also switches off when it is switched off. It will be unattended when incorporated into the paint shop control system.

The Russian manufacturer is represented by Ecojet s.r.o. in the European Union. – exclusive importer into the EU. At present, this company, in cooperation with Galatek, a.s., provides certification of the Yatagan device for placing on the European market at the Technical Testing Institute in Piešťany. One Yatagan unit for our research and development centre has already been delivered to Galatek. It is connected to a manual spray booth and will allow our customers to test and set the parameters of the process of cleaning the air exhausted from the paint shop. It also served for the certification process.

               The Yatagan device is now awaiting completion of the certification process and testing of the effectiveness of the disposal of organic emissions in cooperation with an accredited measuring group. We already have measurements from the manufacturer that show high efficiency; however, with regard to the requirements of national environmental inspections, we will verify the measurements according to the requirements of legislation – determination of TOC by the flame ionization detection method.


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