DENIOS, Strakonice

19.10.2016 08:07

DENIOS, Strakonice

At the end of the first half of the year, GALATEK a.s. handed over the technological equipment to the Germany-based company DENIOS, in its new plant in Strakonice. All was designed to the customer on a tailor-made basis according to their manufacturing needs and according to specific types of the company products. We are pleased to know that it is just our company that acquired the confidence of this multinational firm and that after more than two years of tests and business negotiations the equipment is finally installed and can fully serve its purpose.

This extensive project included technology for varnishing with the use of liquid coating materials as well as powder spraying equipment. Until recently, DENIOS applied liquid coating materials to its products. Their use was also the original intent for the newly built operation. The reason for which a combination of liquid coating materials and powder plastic coating materials has been selected in the end is the wideness of the product range in terms of both dimensions and materials. Together with the investor we were facing the task consisting in the designing of the equipment and varnishing method for storage containers with the size of as much as 12 metres, but at the same time it was necessary to select an optimum method of series varnishing of collection system trays with dimensions from dozens of centimetres up to several metres.




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