GALATEK has completed the PP line for ELSTER s.r.o., Stará Turá

09.04.2015 09:24

GALATEK has completed the PP line for ELSTER s.r.o., Stará Turá

We are always very happy about returning satisfied customers who express their trust in our work by involving us in additional projects. This is what happened in case of ELSTER s.r.o. Stará Turá, an important gas fittings and meters manufacturer. The delivery covers two powder coating lines.

The first line is designed for application of a special sliding plastic power with wax content applied on metal sheet cut-outs prior to deep press stroke. The line consists of a plastic powder coating booth including application technology, a cure oven, a cooling tunnel and a suspension conveyor.

The second line is designed for plastic powder coating of already pressed and treated gas meter metal cabinets. The line includes a plastic powder coating centre, a cure oven, a cooling tunnel and related conveyor system of belt design passing through the booth and the oven. Both plastic powder coating boots include automatic plastic powder application technology with no requirement for permanent operator attendance.

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