GALATEK to Supply a Paint Shop for VOLKSWAGEN – This Time to Poland

21.05.2015 11:50

In March this year GALATEK won a significant project for the construction of a special paint shop for the new Volkswagen plant in the town of Wrzesnia, Poland, where the successor of the Volkswagen Crafter model is to be manufactured since 2016.

Furthermore, GALATEK succeeded also in a project contracted by another brand of the Volkswagen group (in the past the company have already supplied its equipment to Audi, Volkswagen and Škoda Auto), the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, which manufactures vans and large-sized vehicles. Painting these vehicles involves a number of specificities compared to the surface treatment of regular passenger vehicles. Thanks to this project GALATEK will enter the Polish market where the company aims to intensify its business in the future.  

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