Modernisation of Manufacturing Equipment in Galatek

16.09.2014 11:22

Modernisation of Manufacturing Equipment in Galatek

Last autumn the GALATEK a.s. management has reached the decision on a substantial modernisation of the existing manufacturing facilities. Based on a carefully executed selection process and taking into consideration the manufacturing programme of the company and the configuration of the manufactured parts the management opted for the CO2 laser TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 (L20) machine, including the 3SD axis.

It is a high-frequency excited gas laser (not FIBER) featuring a one-way mirror set distributing the cutting ray. This system prevents any damage to the laser source due to reflections. Along with the installation of the new cutting machine the company also discarded the existing manufacturing equipment which was technically and morally obsolete – the newly installed cutting machine will fully replace the existing manufacturing equipment, both in terms of quality and capacity.

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