Robotic coating line for COLORprofi, spol. s r.o., Boskovice

26.04.2017 09:40

Robotic coating line for COLORprofi, spol. s r.o., Boskovice

GALATEK a.s. executed a contract for turn-key delivery of a robotic coating line with COLORprofi, Boskovice in summer 2016. It is another substantial delivery in the field of an automatic coating system in terms of the scope as well as the high technological standard of the line.

The coating line is designed for comprehensive surface finishing of metal and plastic parts. Parts are pre-treated by flaming and dry ice blasting. Liquid coating materials are applied in two coating booths. The design of individual process sections of the line allows application of advanced coating systems, such as high-gloss finish.

The entire surface finish process is automated to the maximum possible extent; line operators carry out only loading and unloading of parts to/from the conveyor system and select required surface finish (process) for specific parts. Depending on the process selected the line´s control system controls shifting of parts through the line including regulation of process booth parameters (temperature, humidity and processing time in specific line sections, utilization or skipping of individual sections etc.).





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