Robotic Painting Line for LAKOVNA HAJDÍK s.r.o., Jablůnka

21.10.2015 08:06

Robotic Painting Line for LAKOVNA HAJDÍK s.r.o., Jablůnka

We are proud to announce that we have succeeded in the tendering procedure for the delivery of a robotic painting line for Lakovna Hajdík s.r.o., Jablůnka, a company specialising in a comprehensive surface treatment by liquid painting. The painting line is intended for application of liquid paints on a wide range of materials (plastics, metal, wood, glass...).

GALATEK will supply the complete technological equipment for the line, including 4 robots (2 robots for pre-treatment and 2 robots for painting), the application technology for pre-treatment by CO2 and the application technology for painting including the paints management.

To facilitate application of one-layer or multilayer painting systems the line has been designed to include surface pre-treatment by CO2 cleaning, the ionisation area, spray booth, volatilisation area, paints drying oven, and the cooling tunnel. The entire line is linked by a Power&Free floor conveyor. The painting line also includes the required air handling system, the device for separation of excess paint, the paint preparation plant, and the clean area in front of the spray booth. All the processes along the painting line are conducted automatically.

Barvové hospodářství k aplikační technice

P+F dopravník

Roboti CO2 předúprava

Robotická lakovací linka pro firmu LAKOVNA HAJDÍK s.r.o., Jablůnka

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