SNCF Bischheim

12.10.2016 10:27

SNCF Bischheim

The varnishing line installed in the France-based company SNCF and situated in BISCHHEIM (a part of the Strasbourg agglomeration) is intended for the varnishing of railway vehicle wheelsets, especially for TGV high-speed trains. Implementation of this project included, besides the actual design, also deliveries and putting into operation of the machinery equipment, as well as the design and implementation of construction works of the concerned area of the existing hall. With regard to the installation of the equipment at the state-owned French enterprise, our staff members (from the constructional-designing section to assembly staff) had to cope with some special requirements given by the corporate regulations and local legislation.

The installed line consists of the pre-heating booth, varnishing booth, curing booth, hot-air dryer, and cooling workplace. The movement of the wheelset is ensured between the workplaces with the help of a specially developed automatic gravity conveyor from our partner company NOPO, Hradec Králové. A part of the line consists of air handling units ensuring ventilation of workplaces while respecting very strict technological parameters (temperature, humidity). The application technology for manual application of coating materials was installed in cooperation with the MEDIA company in Liberec. The transport of the wheelsets between the workplaces, proper operation of all equipment, including maintenance of all required technological parameters, are controlled by means of the central control system to which it is possible to get connected, in case of knowledge of the access data, from anywhere and to monitor the correct operation of the line.

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