Spray booth for Volkswagen Bratislava

09.10.2017 07:27

Spray booth for Volkswagen Bratislava

This year, one of the most important deliveries is the surface finishing plant at VW Bratislava, which is designed for manual application of liquid coating materials. The overall concept of the plant and its layout fully respect qualitative and quantitative requirements of the client.

A part of the delivery is a spray booth for minor manual repairs of the paint on the vehicle bodies with the help of air or high-pressure spray guns. The booth is equipped with a floor conveyor system integrated with the filtration system of the booth. Other equipment is a drying booth for drying liquid coating materials during minor repairs of paint on the vehicle body.

The workplace is completed with electrical installations, pressure air and water distribution systems, relevant air ducts and air handling unit. The equipment furthermore includes the demineralisation system, a press, fire fighting equipment and platforms.

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