Surface treatment plant at Českomoravská železniční opravna, s.r.o., Přerov

12.06.2019 08:20

Surface treatment plant at Českomoravská železniční opravna, s.r.o., Přerov

The trial operation of the surface treatment facility delivered by us to Českomoravská železniční opravna s.r.o. (ČMZO) in Přerov has been launched. As we already mentioned in the last issue of our magazine, it is a full-scope facility with an outdoor design. It has been custom designed to meet the customer’s needs and adapt to the land available. The scope of the work included a turnkey delivery of the system of surface treatment booths including all accessories and documentation.

In terms of the building work, the customer provided the concrete foundation with the ventilation ducts and utility connections. Consequently, we erected the steel structures and the building. The facility consists of stand-alone booths designed for blasting, degreasing, surface pre-treatment and final coating operations. The manual blasting booth is used for the removal of old coating and rust and pre-treatment of the surface. It has been furnished by our long-term contractor OTECO Bučovice. The booth is fitted with a floor-based abrasive recirculation system, an elevator with a purifier, an abrasive dispenser and a ventilation system with an environment-protection filter. Furthermore, the booth includes two manual blasting units, including protective equipment for the operators. A fan with a fully-automated cartridge filter extracts polluted air from the booth and purified air is returned back. The booth is designed for blasting steel and aluminium parts by iron shots and corundum. The scope of delivery includes bridges designed for working at elevated places. The booth walls are lined with rubber curtains that dampen the abrasives. The next step in the technological process is surface washing and degreasing in the washing booth using a high-pressure jet unit and an alkaline water-soluble cleaning agent.

The facility accommodates the pre-treatment room and storage that is separated from the other area with a fire-protection barrier and is adequately furnished. The train vehicles are handled on floor-based rails, moved by a towing cable winch.

The project implementation faced challenges in terms of the legislation requirements, complicated ownership and non-standard site location. Despite the challenges, we have managed to deliver the unique custom-made surface treatment facility. Many thanks to the owners of ČMŽO for their cooperation in designing the facility, to the building supervision team as well as to our contractors, O.K. KONSTRUKCE, P-Systems and OTECO.





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