About the company

GALATEK a.s. Company

The company was set up in 1990 as the Galatek Technik v.o.s. public company. Since its inception, the firm has provided services related to the technologies and equipment necessary for surface treatment work as well as those required for safeguarding the environment.

Initially only offering a consultation and engineering design service, we subsequently decided to branch out as a response to clients’ requirements and business results. Our provision became much more far reaching and covered manufacturing, installation as well as maintenance and servicing.

Following a rise in orders, the firm’s owners turned Galatek Technik v.o.s into Galatek spol. s r.o., a public limited company which retained all the assets, rights and liabilities held under its former name. Another change occurred in 1998 when the company achieved joint-stock status. The reasons for this were to create more favourable business conditions for the firm and to place it in a more advantageous and credible position by increasing the capital to CZK 8 million – a move allowing Galatek to maintain its current clients and reach out to new ones.

Information on the company

Company Name:GALATEK a.s.
Company Addres:Na Pláckách 647
584 01 Ledeč nad Sázavou
Czech republic
Business Register:Krajský soud v Hradci Králové
oddíl B, vložka 1742
ID Registration No.:25286706
VAT No.:CZ25286706

Banking Details

Komerční banka a. s. Praha, Branch Office Havlíčkův Brod
5443521/0100 (CZK); ve formátu IBAN (BIC): CZ1601000000000005443521
2799740227/0100 (EUR); ve formátu IBAN (BIC): CZ6701000000002799740227

Registered Capital: 8 000 000 Kč

Areas of Business

  • Design of construction projects for industrial and technological companies.
  • Consultation on management of technologies, surface treatment equipment, ecological matters, and general engineering.
  • Manufacture and installation of machines for various purposes including surface treatment.
  • Other trades outside of those specified above.

Details on our activities and product range

Galatek focuses on producing machines and equipment to European quality standards and supplying complete plants, painting facilities and production lines for surface treatments to a wide range of clients, particularly medium to large sized firms. In entirety, we select and verify the most suitable technological process applicable and draw up design plans. Once approved, this equipment is thoroughly researched and developed, the next stages being manufacture and installation. We also train personnel to operate it, provide a comprehensive commercial and technical service with a guaranteed response time, and act as technology consultants. Special attention is paid to the latest innovations in these areas, in addition to enforcing our quality control measures.

There is a vast range of equipment and machines to choose from when putting together fully integrated surface treatment plants. For the most part this includes:

  • equipment for preliminary surface treatment,
  • paint booths for applying liquid coatings,
  • plastic powder spray booths,
  • drying and curing ovens,
  • machinery for transport and handling,
  • application systems,
  • special single-purpose machines,
  • complete system of managemetn and visualization of the technological process.

Personnel and company structure

Since the very beginning, Galatek has employed highly qualified and motivated individuals. At the end of year 2023, there are 102 staff at the company. The pie chart below shows the structure of staffing at Galatek in terms of the number of manual labourers (Dv), employees in non-manufacturing sections (Dn), and those employed in the technical and economic department (THZ).

Economic Growth

The table and diagram below outline turnover from the sale of manufactured products and services, value added and gross profit throughout the history of the company.