Paint booths

HIGH-QUALITY surface treatment of large and complete products

Paint booths for the application of liquid water-based or solvent-borne paints are designed for surface treatment of large components and complete products. The skeleton of the booth is made of panels from various materials, of heat-insulating panels, or may be built from bricks as part of the structure. It also contains lighting and a sliding, folding, wing or a louvered door. An exhaust air ventilation system with dry or wet filtering of solid excess paint elements from the exhaust air, and an air supply system with fine filtration of the inlet air, are supplied as standard in a quality corresponding to the final finish requirements. Furthermore, all necessary wiring, an appropriate control and regulation system, and (where applicable) the visualisation of the technological process are delivered with the booth.

INDIVIDUAL handling and conveyor equipment

General air exhaustion from the work area of the booths or from sections of it, and the subsequent supply of clean filtered air heated to a preset working temperature, is ensured by a block built air-conditioning unit. These contain exhaustion and supply fans with heating blocks for a choice of heating media. Systems for heat recuperation or units for supplying moisturised air are optional accessories. The units ensure the circulation of the heated air in the booth, facilitating paint drying directly in the working area of the booth. The supply and exhaustion fans can be fitted with frequency changer for easy regulation of pressure and reduction of the amount of ventilated air when no surface treatment is being performed.

SAFE and good-quality working environment

Should the operation of a booth require it, it will be supplemented with various manipulation systems. These include operator platforms ranging from the simplest manually movable platforms to ones with controlled and pneumatically powered triaxial travel. To facilitate handling with treated components, the booths come with added jacks, positioners and other conveyor devices.

ECO-FRIENDLY solution of the entire operation

In order to meet emission limitations in exhaust air permitted by legislation, paint booths contain systems for retrieving or eliminating organic solvents from the exhaust air, the extent of which depends upon the consumption and composition of paint used. The paint booths facilitate the application of final surface finish to a wide variety of products and components, with varying demands for the resulting quality, including the most demanding tasks in automotive and airspace industry, buses and coaches production, and the production and repairs of railways vehicles.