Robotic painting

ORIGINAL technical solutions

The automatic painting machines offer single-purpose or multipurpose painting devices for final surface treatment by applying liquid paints or powder plastics. They are always designed individually, according to the treated product and technological process. With these devices, the capacity and quality of the resulting coating are in most cases on the highest technical level possible.

GUARANTEED technological parameters

The automatic painting machines feature high degree of automation of the entire technological process. The individual processes are ensured by handling devices or robots, facilitating very fast and precise control of the technological procedure. That is why the automatic painting machines are highly productive, achieve high quality of the resulting coating, reduce the consumption of power and material compared to manual processes, enhance the overall safety of the surface treatment workplaces, and are more eco-friendly.

AUTOMATED processes

The high degree of automation guarantees the required technological parameters, as well as their repeatability. The automatic painting machines use state-of-the-art control systems, with the possibility to monitor the operational states in real time as well as to archive the operational parameters, i.e. with the system of data collection and visualization, including remote management, with the aim to ensure continuous operation of these devices.