Manual work areas

SMALL-BATCH operating sets

Manual workplace comprises a wide range of equipment designed for application of powder plastics or liquid paints, thinned with water or solvent, on components in small-batch to single-part production.

STANDARD equipment of high quality

The wide range of equipment, often of the standard type, facilitates the assembly of complete surface treatment operation according to the individual needs of each customer. The crucial aspects for construction of these operations are, apart from the technological and capacity requirements, the spatial and power demands together with low purchase and operation costs.

VARIANT solution of manual work area

Despite the fact that many of the devices are of the standard type, the quality of their manufacture and the selection of used materials and individual components is on a very high level, comparable to other custom-made devices. This range includes booths used for applying plastic powder coatings, drying units designed for drying components following grease removal, and for drying and curing surfaces of liquid paints, ovens for hardening plastic powder coatings, and suction walls for spraying water-based or solvent-based paints with a dry or wet system for filtering solid excess paint elements from the exhaust air

ECONOMICAL in terms of purchase and operating cosi

Each manual work area can be set up in different ways, from purchase of individual devices, for example to complete the existing surface treatment operation, to implementation of the complete workplace as a “turn-key” delivery. From the chosen variant of manual work area follows the extent of any completing of these workplaces with other additional devices, such as application devices, intake and exhaust air handling system, devices for catching of organic solvents, handling equipment and conveyors, and a number of other components.

ADJUSTABLE control level

Each manual work area, be it individual standard devices or complex workplace, includes electrical installation with adjustable level of control and regulation of technological parameters, from microprocessor regulation systems to state-of-the-art control systems.